Southern Morocco's Souss-Massa region includes the city of Tafraoute. The surrounding Ameln Valley, which is home to several tiny Berber communities and is well-known for its almond trees, is one of the region's most stunning landscape features. The region's typical rammed earth homes and kasbahs are two examples of the city's traditional architecture. 

The Tizourgane Kasbah, which dates back to the 18th century and is now a cultural center, and the Tizi n'Tagharat Pass, which provides sweeping views of the nearby mountains, are two of Tafraoute's top tourist destinations. Additionally accessible to tourists are the neighboring Tizi n'Tagharat Dam and Tizourgane Gorge. The city is renowned for its traditional marketplaces where tourists may buy handicrafts and fabrics from the region. 

Due to the numerous rocky outcrops and peaks in the vicinity, Tafraoute is also a well-liked spot for trekking and rock climbing. Numerous hiking paths can be found in the Tafraoute area, such as the Tizi n'Tagharat trail, which provides views of the Ameln Valley and the mountains around. 

In general, Tafraoute is an excellent place to go for individuals who want to experience traditional Moroccan culture and those who want to go hiking.