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Tour Overview

Explore the white and blue city of Chefchaouen during this encompassing tour linking between two historical cities, the magical desert of Merzouga and the all blue town of Chefchaouen, Chefchaouen as in the Berber language, is one of the most beautiful cities in the mountains of the Rif. It is the last rampart before the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula. Do not miss the tours of morocco desert adventures from Marrakech to Chefchaouen

Tour Itinerary

We start our tour at 7am from your hotel in Marrakech to Chefchaouen. We drive through the high Atlas (2260 m high) we make many stops for the pictures on the way, the biggest stop will be at Ait Benhadddou Kasbah for lunch(the UNESCO World Heritage Site) place of the movies :Gladiator, Son of god, Game of Thrones

After lunch, we’ll enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes and historical monuments of Taourirt Kasbah in Ouarzazate and the Valley of the Roses, famous for its annual Festival of Roses. Afterwards, we will pass through the Berber villages of El Kelaa des M’Gouna and Boumalene  Dades by the Valley, where we will spend the night.

Leaving Boumalene Dades after breakfast, we will head to Merzouga passing through the Berber

village of Tinghir and the Todra Gorges, where the canyons dominate the skyline. We will then pass through several towns along the route, stopping for lunch at either Tinjdad, or Rissani in Tafilalet region, famous for serving the Berber pizza. After lunch, we will make our way to Merzouga to start our camel trek. You will have a short rest with tea, then your luggage will be left in safe rooms at the hotel.
The 90 minute of camel ride will take you to a Nomadic camp in the middle of the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, the highest in North Africa. The camp consists of a chain of tents equipped with mattresses and linen, a restaurant, a kitchen and toilet. During the evening, you will have dinner and entertainment performed by Local staff around the camp fire.

You’ll wake up early to attend the Sahara sunrise. After a refreshing breakfast, you will ride back the camels to the edge of the dunes to meet your driver. We leave Merzouga heading north, passing by the Ziz Valley and the Mid-Atlas Mountains up to Fez. We will have many opportunities to stop, stretch and enjoy the views. Furthermore, we will pause in Azrou to see the Macaque monkeys  living in Cedar Forest near Ifrane. We arrive to Fes, and arrange the meeting with your host.

We will drive to the north of Morocco through the Rif Mountains, arriving at Chefchaouen. A typical blue town by the mountains. The evening will be dedicated to exploring the simply beautiful city of Chefchaouen and its Medina, where everything is set dramatically against the mountains. Things to see among many are the blue-tinted houses and cobbled streets with mountainous backdrop which create a photographic setting. Spend the night in a riad.

You have the flexibility to choose the end destination of this tour, depending on your interests, flights and the rest of your schedule, we can adjust this day to your needs, usually the end destination would be Fez, Meknes, Casablanca or back to where we started : Marrakech

Tour Inclusions

  • Comfortable transportation with A/C
  • English-speaking driver
  • Overnight in Dades : nice hotel
  • Overnight in Merzouga : Luxury camp
  • Overnight in Fes
  • Overnight in Chefchaoune
  • Private rooms/tents with en-suite bathrooms and showers
  • Flexible stops and breaks
  • Lots of optional attractions to choose from

  • Flights
  • Lunch meals
  • Dinners in Fes, and Chefchaoune
  • Gratuities (optional)

Accommodation options:

On private tours, you can choose the category of your accommodations, On shared tours, it is always Silver option

    Day 1 :
    • SILVER
      • Dar blues
      • Jnan Tiouira
      • Ksar Sultan
    • GOLD
      • Xaluca Dades
      • Chez pierre
    Day 2 :
    • GOLD
      • Sahara stars Camp
    Day 3 :
    • SILVER
      • Riad Toyour
      • Riad El Yacout
      • Riad Mazar
    • GOLD
      • Riad le Calif
      • Mariott Fes
      • Riad Salam
      • Palais Faraj
      • Hotel Sahrai
      • Riad Fes
    Day 4 :
    • GOLD
      • Dar Echchaoune
      • Riad Cherifa
      • Dar Jasmine
    • SILVER
      • Casa Hassan
      • Riad Miguel
      • Riad Meziana

Private vs Shared options

Certainty :

With a private tour, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with certainty – your tour is confirmed, and the departure is guaranteed right from the start. Unlike shared tours, which require a minimum number of participants (usually half the seats) before being confirmed, so if you create a new shared tour, it will require other people to join you and meet the minum required before your tour is confirmed. private tours give you the assurance of a confirmed adventure tailored just for you.
If you join an already confirmed group tour, then you have the same certainty of departure as a private tour.

Flexibility :

Flexibility is another key advantage of private tours. When you choose a private tour, you get to customize your experience. Spend more time at your favorite attractions, explore hidden gems, and shape the itinerary to match your unique interests. In contrast, shared tours follow a more structured format, needing alignment with the entire group, which can limit the freedom to explore at your own pace in some occasions.

Accommodations :

While you can choose your accommodation category on a Private tour (Silver, Gold, Diamonad) whenever available, the category is fixed for group tours and will always be Silver options, this is to make sure the tour organization is more efficient and the group won't be staying in separate and distant places which create confusion and wastes precious tour time, It also makes handling emergency cases easier.

8pax vs 16pax Groups :

We have 2 kinds of group tours, small (8 people) and large (16 people), the latter is more economical however requires 8 people to join to be confirmed, while the first only requires 4 to depart.

You can inquire about any of the options to get more in-depth details specific to your needs

Important notice (Valid for private option only):

The tour can be reversed, shortened, extended or altered in any way to suite your specific needs and schedule ! Don't hesitate to contact us and ask for other combinations

Frequently Asked Questions

With the rise in interest in vegan and vegetarian food, all our partners are now accommodating this need and offer completely vegan and vegetarian meals. However, this needs to be communicated in advance, either when booking or when meeting your driver for early preparation purposes.

A frequent and definitely good question, if you are not well-prepared, you might not enjoy your time fully in the desert due to the extreme weather conditions. Deserts get super hot in summer, in Morocco, August is the hottest month of the year, with temperatures reaching 50 °C—122ºF, you can literally cook eggs on the asphalt (great for a TikTok clip). With this said, if you can't take that much heat, please avoid visiting the deserts during July and August. If you are okay with this kind of temperatures; it is still highly recommended to come prepared with good sunscreen, sunglasses, a wide hat, light but covering pieces of clothing and some insect repellent, you can also purchase all these items in Morocco. And let's not forget winter days, starry nights are freezing. The mountainous parts of the roads are usually snowy, but all our vehicles are equipped with A/C for that matter, so make sure to bring warm clothes if you take this tour during December-January.

Arriving at the edge of the dunes, there is a meeting point where camels from different camps in the area are waiting for us, we will get out of the car, put on a scarf if you have one (the cameleer or your driver can help you properly install it) and then you will be introduced to your camel. Once your caravane is ready and onboard, you can take pictures or stories to memorize the moment, then take off and travel on the golden sands to see the sunset on high dune before continuing to the camp. Next morning, you can take the camels again on your way back to the meeting point or take a 4x4 . If a member doesn't want or cannot take the camel ride, the camp is accessible by 4x4 vehicle and it will get you there.

This once was a hustle indeed but no more, all camps nowadays have dedicated 4x4 vehicles that can transport your luggage from your tour car to the camp directly, so you don't have to carry anything during the camel ride. However, we highly recommend you only pack the things you will need for the desert night and transport it to the camp, while leaving the rest of the luggage with your driver.

Yes, you will have your own private hotel rooms and camp tents in all our tours, you can choose between different combinations of twin/triple/quadruple (separate beds) or double (single large bed) rooms and tents depending on your number and preferences but you will never share them with other travelers. All rooms/tents are equipped with private bathrooms and showers with hot water.

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