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Tour Overview

We will first explore the interesting Fez Royal Palace and its magnificent, enormous 7 brass Gates. that has matching knockers that are beautifully fashioned out of copper and coated in fascinating patterns. The magnificent Gates are completely encompassed with captivating Zellige, or Moroccan tile work. Additionally, it is carved from cedar wood, making it the ideal illustration of traditional Moroccan architecture.

The Fes Mellah features a fortified entryway and is walled as well. These Jewish neighborhoods were close to the royal residences, which gave their occupants protection from the Muslim populace's fury. Jews used to be the only people to live in the Fes Mellah. In Morocco, this was the first "mellah," . It was established by the Merinids alongside Fes at the beginning of the 14th century. 

We shall then go to Boujlloud's stunning gate. Your tour guide will lead you on an enchanted tour of Fez's historic Medina. 

Lunch Break 

Abu Inan Fais, who also established the Madrasa Bou Inania at Meknes, founded the Madrasa Bou Inania in AD 1351–1356. The madrasa served as a mosque for congregational worship as well as an educational institution. It is the only madrasa with a minaret in Fes. 

The most vibrant and beautiful souk in Fès is the Chourara, also known as the Tanner's Quarters. Due to the incredibly offensive odours that the tanneries emit, they are frequently situated away from residential areas and next to waterways like the Wadi Fès. Check out the variety of leatherwork, which is a Fes tradition. 

The Merenid Tombs would be our final stop. This is done in order to obtain the most stunning and breathtaking panoramic perspective of the legendary old Medina. Your driver will leave you off at your hotel or riad at the conclusion of the full-day guided tour of Fes.

Tour Inclusions

  • Private tour
  • Local guide/driver
  • Pick-up from your accommodation in Fes
  • Transportation by comfortable vehicle, and fuel

  • Drinks
  • Lunch
  • Entrance fees

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