Agafay desert trip

Tour Overview

If you only have 2 or 3 days in Morocco, you'd probably prefer to spend sometime in Marrakech and its surroundings instead of traveling long distances over multiple days to see the Sahara desert. If that is the case, Agafay desert would be the best alternative to get a glimpse of the desert.

Just 1h30 drive from Marrakech, the barren plateaus and hills of Agafay start, and off the beaten track we go. An arid landscape with a few green oases here and there for contrast and snow caped mighty mountains in the horizon. It is indeed a beautiful sight.

For mechanical sports lovers, Agafay Desert is a playground for quad bikers and buggy enthusiasts, the immense plateaus and the multitude of paths offer great opportunities for some machine rumbling and Adrenaline unleashing.

You can also try a 30 minutes camel ride if you've never experienced riding these beautiful, peaceful animals.

Agafay is a great backdrop for photos, so no wonder many ceremonies and action clips are taken there, many celebrities even held their weddings in one of the camps of Agafay. So make sure to bring your best camera along and take some unforgettable shots.

Shorter version ?

If you can't spare a full day to visit the desert of Agafay but still desire to do so, we have you covered. We offer Agafay evening trip that could start as late as 4pm on normal days or even 6pm on long summer days. You can take the short tour to witness the mesmerizing sunset in Agafay, and why not spice it up with a camel ride, or some quad/buggy rampage.

For more info, please go to Agafay evening trip page

Takerkoust dam & local lunch

A few hours into the day, small patches of green will start to show and not long after you will be back on the tarmac road side-lined by the old eucalyptus trees. You will arrive to the edge of the Lalla Takerkoust lake built as a dam providing Marrakech its electricity. Through small hills along the dam you will get to Nfis valley crossing Berber villages and arriving to a Berber family house for a visit and homemade lunch. After lunch, you can opt for 2 hours hike with a member of the house familiy ( not included in the price ) and climb for an hour to visit one of the oldest villages in the foothill of the biggest forest of the Atlas Mountains.

  • Quad biking
    This day trip offers the possibility to enjoy some machine rumbling on the rocky plateaus of Agafay, if you want to get some adrenaline rush, this would be the best place to do it. Pricing : 40 euros per quad/ 1 person and 60 euros per quad/2 people
  • Camel ride in Agafay
    30 minutes
    If you have never ridden a camel, this might be your shot to try it, you can enjoy 30 minutes to 1 hour of camel ride in Agafay, along with a pause for mint tea before continuing our journey. Pricing : 15 euros per person

Tour Inclusions

  • Comfortable 4x4 landrcruiser with A/C
  • English-speaking driver
  • Lunch at a Berber house
  • Pauses and photo stops

  • gratuities

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