See the highlights of the country with our Morocco weekend trips

Explore the desert, meet the nomadic Berbers, and browse through Marrakech with our weekend trips

Our Weekends in Morocco :

The Berber lifestyle:

Experience the traditional lifestyle of the Berbers, the indigenous people of North Africa whose rich traditions are thought to date back ten thousand years.

You’ll explore the local markets where you can pick up numerous items including fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables, handmade crafts, and see how the local women’s cooperative creates argan oil. You’ll also be treated to a traditional Berber lunch, a meal filled with flavours, spices, and colour, that many of our customers say it’s the best food they’ve ever tasted.

The Berbers are a truly wonderful people, with fascinating culture, customs, and a friendly, welcoming nature.

Berbers, deserts, and Marrakech:

For those who want to try everything, this weekend trip takes you through some of Morocco’s finest landscapes where you’ll meet the Berbers, and see how they live their lives as they have done for thousands of years. You’ll also head off into the Sahara desert to experience the endless dunes and try your hand at riding a camel. The final leg of this trip takes you onto the streets of Marrakech, where you can work your way through the vast markets, selling a variety of goods from local handmade crafts, to delicious food, and stunning silk clothing.

The desert adventure:

Discover what it’s like to live in the desert during this weekend trip.
You’ll spend your time exploring the dunes, trying traditional Berber food (it’s delicious!) watching the glorious desert sunrise and sunset, observing the night sky whilst playing doumbeks (traditional drums), and visiting incredible landmarks on the way

You’ll meet fascinating people, have a chance to try riding a camel across the dunes, and discover the real heat of the Sahara.


Magical Marrakech and The Berber Lifestyle


Berber Lifestyle, Desert Stay and Marrakech

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Desert Adventure Long Weekend

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